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Case Studies : Changing an 92 Honda Accord Axle with HERI Axles

While I am still recovering from my crash, that doesn’t stop people from asking for help on their cars! A friend of mine had her axle go out on her 1992 Honda Accord, her CV boot had been torn for quite some time, where else would you buy parts other than Pro Street Online?

I love helping my friends… but MY BACK HURTS!! lol

After a quick call to the guys at Pro Street, they hooked it up with a set of their new HERI Axle lineup. At first I couldn’t believe how great of a deal this axle was! At just 45.99, it was significantly cheaper than remanufactured axles and definitely a high quality axle.

Pics below:

After removing the axle nut on the Accord, we undo the 3 lower bolts to the lower control arm, shown here :

Now, undo the sway bar links and swing the front lower control arm downward and towards the rear of the car.

With this completed, you can now pull the entire axle out, and slide your new HERI axle in!

The HERI axle fit great, and after talking to the guys at Pro Street, we may just try a set of HERI axles on one of our Project cars!

More results to come! Happy boosting!

Case Studies : How to fix the P0345 OBDII error in a 2006 Infiniti G35

My 2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan has served me quite well for a number of years, and despite it’s high mileage, been an excellent car for most of it’s life.

With over 200k on the odometer, I guess I cannot fault the Infiniti for acting up recently but I’ve had a difficult time diagnosing it’s current issue. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when warm, the car begins to sputter and misfire and occasionally lurches off idle or with  slight acceleration.

After which time, the check engine light never seemed to light off, but the VCD and ABS lights would stay lit after the car would sputter. After wrongly assuming it was coil related I started testing them, until the car finally threw a code so that I could diagnose it.

And lo and behold, it’s the good ol P0345 OBDII error – P0345 Camshaft Position Sensor Failure A Circuit Bank 2 ; this code indicates that a problem was detected in the camshaft position sensor circuit of bank 2 ( which is the driver side of your VQ35DE).

The steps to diagnose your P0345 code in your G35 ( or any car for that matter )

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

Case Studies : Prepping Big Red for 5-9 Madness Part II – 6/21/2012

We’ve given Big Red a proper cleaning and in preparation of the next 5-9 Madness at Vic Hubbard, after upgrading the spark plug guides and wires / plugs / gaskets, we’ll be taking the next step today the day of the show.

Installing a new Edelbrock water neck, 160 thermostat and Edelbrock gaskets will help freshen things up for the show!

A shot of the old intake manifold, thermostat and thermostat housing.

Edelbrock part number 7201 will get our intake leaks taken care of and give us a chance to service the carburetor and intake plenum.

A shot with the carburetor off, as we replace all gaskets and service the carb.

Here’s a shot of the SBC all finished up and ready for the 5-9 Madness Show at Vic Hubbard / Pro Street Online.

Want to see more of the classic? Come on out to the 5-9 Madness Car Show!

Happy Cruising!

Case Studies : Prepping Big Red for 9-5 Madness

We’ve given Big Red a proper cleaning and in preparation of the next 9-5 Madness at Vic Hubbard, we’ve decided to finally get off our behinds and get some work done.

We’ll be adding a RPC valve cover kit and repair the current spark plug wire issues on the SBC.

Damage from headers and broken plastic guides

We’ll be using Taylor 98069 Spark plug wires to replace the spark plug wires on Big   Red.

Next we use RPC R6039 to help add a nice polished look to our engine bay as well as arrange the new spark plug wires in a manner that will help protect the wires from heat damage.

This accent piece works great for any SBC especially with the front 2 wires, as it gives just enough curve and cushion to push it ahead of the header. Heat and stress cracking can cause problems as shown below :

After a few minutes, we have the guides on and wires crimped down and run.

These things are off the chain!

Next up, we install an Edelbrock Endurashine intake manifold plenum, a new Holley Double Pumper carb – part number HLY-0-4778S and dressing up the engine bay further in preparation of Vic Hubbard’s next 9-5 Madness Car Show.

Happy Cruising!

Case Studies : Following the progress of Tomei’s Hyundai Genesis Turbo

My first experience with a Hyundai was when I was a teenager, and my father owned a 1984 white 4door Hyundai Excel. This thing was the epitome of the 80’s econo-crapbox, constructed with cheap plastics and budget minded parts that  translated into a reputation of being notoriously unreliable.

I can remember a time when the word Hyundai would make car enthusiasts turn up their noses and spit in disgust at the Korean Automaker that struggled to make a name for themselves in the US.

While my fathers Hyundai Excel ran for over 400,000 miles on the original motor, for the most part this reputation was well deserved.

Fast forward 30 years, and Hyundai has done a marvelous job reinventing themselves, and while the foray into the sport compact market has netted the Korean automaker less than desirable results in previous years, they seem to have hit a homer with the Hyundai Genesis.

While the luxury sedan has been well received by the automotive press, the coupe (shown here) is powered by the G4KC, a 4 cylinder turbocharged aluminum motor named the Theta.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for 4 cylinder turbocharged goodness!

With the revolution in rwd sport compacts such as the Genesis and the FR-S, RWD sport compact enthusiasts have never had it better!

I will be following the progress of one of my favorite tuners, Tomei and their Genesis Coupe Turbo to see just how it stacks up against some of the classic 4 cylinder turbocharged titans that have graced the US shores such as the SR20DET, EJ25, and my all time favorite the 4G63.

Stay tuned and happy boosting!

Case Studies : The Big Red Machine – Jesse’s 1948 Ford Custom

Having worked in the aftermarket industry for 15 years, seeing countless cars, building countless motors and attending countless shows, it’s not often a car makes me break out the nicknames.

But in the case of this hot red 1948 Ford Custom, even the jaded automotive enthusiast like myself has to smile like a kid in a candy store.

It’s not often I stumble across something so cool that it inspires me to give it a nickname like “The Big Red Machine”. Originally a nickname given to the powerhouse Russian National Men’s Ice Hockey Team, Jesse’s 1949 Ford Custom is every bit as badass and dominant as those teams once were.

This vehicle was a full ground up restore, and built with love and care that is hard to find in today’s automotive enthusiast.

The dash is a blend of classic looks, hot rod style and speaks of a much simpler time and age in American history.

At the heart of this Ford Custom is a 350 SBC, mated to a 4 speed automatic and stall. Utilizing a Holley Diachromate carburetor, we have a set of AFR heads on the way to help squeeze some extra ponies out of the 350.

Our plans include a fabricating a turbo kit for this 350 to help get it some extra “oomph”

My favorite feature of this timeless classic? The in hood scoop that allows for fresh vented air to flow into the cabin! Subaru eat your heart out!

Up next for the Big Red Machine, we clean up some issues with the steering column, repair the power steering and start to mock up turbo manifolds.

Happy Boosting!

Piggyback Heaven – Installing a Greddy Emanage in a DC2

Another piggyback, another writeup on how to install a Greddy Emanage into any 97+ OBDII Integra running a P72 ecu.

When we last visited our Project DC2, we had encountered some timing issues under load and more specifically anything over 15 psi of boost as our FPR wasn’t getting the job done.

This article on how to install a Greddy emanage has been moved permanently. Please check it out by clicking here.

RB25 Power

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Case Studies : Installing Flush Mount hood pins on a S13

A small perk of my job is that I get sample products and tester products from my main sponsors Some of these products make it to production, and some don’t for one reason or another.

One such product that did make it to production is Pro Street’s flush mount hood pins, a rep of an existing company Aerocatch.

This writeup has been moved to it’s new permanent home, please click here for the full writeup on how to install hood pins.

Click here for the How To Install Hood pins writeup

Click here for the How To Install Hood pins writeup