How To Insert WordPress Media

When you want to create an interactive and fun blog or WordPress website, you’ve got to know hot to insert WordPress media. One of the most powerful content management systems available today, WordPress accepts many forms of rich media. Images, videos and specialized media like podcasts or audio files integrates seamlessly.

WordPress features an uploader that allows you to upload from your computer, or from a remote URL. To begin learning how to insert WordPress media, simply click on the button that is labeled Add Media. When you click on this upload button, you’ll be able to insert any form of media you can imagine.

Insert WordPress Media 1

Videos, audio files and images can be uploaded to your server and inserted into your posts or pages. This can also be done by dragging files or content from your computer into your WordPress media upload window. Once you have uploaded the image or media you want in your blog post or WordPress page, you can change a variety of details about the file.

Insert WordPress Media

Here are just some of the details and information you can alter about the media you are inserting into WordPress.

  • Title – This is the title of the image or media, and you can change or rename. This is meant to help people identify your media, and search engines can also pick up on the media for identification.
  • Alt – This adds an “alt” description to your file in the event that your website browser cannot display the media. If the browser has an issue, it will display this alt title instead.
  • Caption – Here you can add content or a caption under the image or media file. This option varies for most themes.
  • Alignment – Change the alignment of your media to left, right or centered in your post or page.
  • Size – You can adjust or change the sizing of your media in this field. Some themes will have predetermined sizing set, but your image will always try to retain the proper aspect ratio in most cases.


Once you have set these details, you can click on the button labeled “Insert into Post” to put it into your post or page. Once you’ve uploaded your image or media, you are done! You now know how to insert WordPress media into your post or page!

Happy Blogging!

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