What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a service where a company provides you with a hosted server solution. This basically means you pay for a service and a server that will hold your WordPress files. In essence it’s where your WordPress website will live. There are many different kinds of hosts out there, including the services from WordPress directly.

As you can imagine these hosting companies all vary in speed, service and the features they can provide for you. They also all will provide you with their own pricing structure, and some of them are even as cheap as a dollar a month. As cheap as some of these WordPress hosting companies may be, it’s a good idea to remember that you always get what you pay for.

Wordpress Hosting

Most people starting out with WordPress can get confused with the term of WordPress hosting. If you are confused there’s an easy way to think about WordPress hosting. When you are working on any document on your computer and writing / creating a file, eventually you’ll need to save it. This is the same theme or idea behind WordPress hosting.

When you build a WordPress website and begin creating it, you’ll need a place to save it or host it. Your WordPress hosting company will be the place where your website files will stay, so that anyone on the Internet can come and see your installation.

Some people get into trouble especially when they decide to save a few pennies on their WordPress hosting. This can cause problems later on down the road, especially if you are working on a shared platform and need a dedicated one.

What is shared WordPress hosting?

Otherwise known as cloud computing, shared hosting means that you are sharing resources and hardware with possibly hundreds of over subscribers. This means that you’ve got a limit on bandwidth, memory and computing power. While shared hosting is cheap and affordable, it can be extremely slow when your website gets enough traffic and attention. If your website is slow, search engines will penalize you which is not what you want.

If you plan on your website getting enough traffic and having hundreds if not thousands of visitors a day, think about a dedicated host. This is a machine that’s dedicated to your website, where you won’t have to fight for resources and bandwidth.

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Difference Between and

The difference between and can be confusing, especially for a new webmaster or someone who is getting started in WordPress.  Although WordPress is my personal favorite content management system and used by millions of users all over the world, the difference between and .org can be puzzling.

If you are new to WordPress or wanting to start your own website, don’t let the difference confuse or deter you. The two different iterations of WordPress exist to provide several different services for their users. Here’s the differences laid out for you below.

Difference Between WordPress

Difference Between WordPress .com and .org?

Let’s begin with which is a free hosted service, and very fast and simple to use. You can have a website up in seconds and you’ll be ready to go. While this is a completely free service and excellent for any beginning webmaster, the fact is you won’t have much access to anything. Because it’s hosted by WordPress, it’s extremely limited in what you can install or configure. This is done for the security of other users and the servers that run and host the service.

You won’t be able to modify much even when you pay for extra features or a pro account. You can’t upload your own theme or change any visual aspect to customize your website. Selling things through your website is not possible, nor can you serve ads through the service. This makes it a great idea for a simple blog meant for a small audience or a simple purpose. is different in that it’s a self-hosted solution, meaning you can control and manage almost everything on your website. The .org side of WordPress is meant for a user who wants a powerful content management system with the features of any standalone hosting service. This service allows you to change, upload themes and sell products or services online.

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