Case Studies : Installing Flush Mount hood pins on a S13

A small perk of my job is that I get sample products and tester products from my main sponsors Some of these products make it to production, and some don’t for one reason or another.

One such product that did make it to production is Pro Street’s flush mount hood pins, a rep of an existing company Aerocatch.

Unfortunately none of the cars I am working on happens to sport a carbon fiber hood, which is what would be ideal for this install. So instead we’ll be installing this set of locks on a friends S13.

All work performed at Treds – Hayward’s #1 Alignment Shop and proud StockSpyder sponsor.

First we remove the old Mr. Earls locking hood pins, because………………….. well they aren’t very cool.

This stocker hood has taken a beating in the rain, some rust in some of the bare metal and openings as evidenced here. Now remove the hood pin template that came with the Pro Street Flush Mount hood pin kit.

Cut out the template as shown and trace over on your stocker hood, you should have a rough outline on where to cut after the fact.

Now with the opening cut out, take a dremel or deburring bit and remove the excess shavings and nasties that may be left over from your cutting job.

Before we cleaned up the hole...

After cleaning up the hole, we opted for Bulldog Rust Killer spray to prevent the nasty rusting that was occurring with the Mr Gasket Hood pins.

Now you can mount the locking hood pins and make sure they are the way you want them.

Now close the hood and open the locks, revealing the hole for the slide pin that is supposed to mount on the car. Using a scribe, mark the hole opening in relation to where it sits on the car, we’ve opted to use the radiator support.

Drill through the support, keeping clear of hood release latch / cables / radiator / anything you dont want to mess up. Mount your slide pins and adjust the height until you can see them poking up from the bottom of your newly installed hood pin panels.

You are just about done! Make sure to double check clearances when you close your hood and the rest is a piece of cake!

Happy drifting!

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