Case Studies : The Big Red Machine – Jesse’s 1948 Ford Custom

Having worked in the aftermarket industry for 15 years, seeing countless cars, building countless motors and attending countless shows, it’s not often a car makes me break out the nicknames.

But in the case of this hot red 1948 Ford Custom, even the jaded automotive enthusiast like myself has to smile like a kid in a candy store.

It’s not often I stumble across something so cool that it inspires me to give it a nickname like “The Big Red Machine”. Originally a nickname given to the powerhouse Russian National Men’s Ice Hockey Team, Jesse’s 1949 Ford Custom is every bit as badass and dominant as those teams once were.

This vehicle was a full ground up restore, and built with love and care that is hard to find in today’s automotive enthusiast.

The dash is a blend of classic looks, hot rod style and speaks of a much simpler time and age in American history.

At the heart of this Ford Custom is a 350 SBC, mated to a 4 speed automatic and stall. Utilizing a Holley Diachromate carburetor, we have a set of AFR heads on the way to help squeeze some extra ponies out of the 350.

Our plans include a fabricating a turbo kit for this 350 to help get it some extra “oomph”

My favorite feature of this timeless classic? The in hood scoop that allows for fresh vented air to flow into the cabin! Subaru eat your heart out!

Up next for the Big Red Machine, we clean up some issues with the steering column, repair the power steering and start to mock up turbo manifolds.

Happy Boosting!

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