Just look at this moron.. you can't help but laugh.

The Interview – Pondering the Tale of North Korea

I recently watched the movie “The Interview” and found it exactly what I thought it would be. I found it unfortunate that the controversy around this film rose to such heights, but I’ll get to that bit later.

It’s immature and crass and if you like this kind of movie, you’ll love this one. Like many of the movies featuring this duo, it runs the comedic gambit ranging from funny to awkward and downright over the line. And as expected the chemistry between Franco and Rogen seem natural and play extremely well on screen.

Playing the protagonists they headline a tabloid show and are dealt a fateful hand by somehow landing an interview with the world’s most infamous man, Kim Jung-Un.

It’s got some funny moments as well as quite a few jokes that just didn’t work, but as a pair of guys in way over their head, it’s decent. Sadly most Americans won’t get to watch this however, because of a few feeble Internet threats.

Just look at this moron.. you can't help but laugh.

Just look at this moron.. you can’t help but laugh.

The recent events revolving the terrorist threats brought my thoughts back to my native land. While I was born in South Korea, my parents and grandmother fled North Korea over 60 years ago in the dark of the night.

I never knew the fact that my family was North Korean until about three or four years ago. Up until that time I had never given much thought to the plight of the North Koreans, until I found out. Something I’m not particularly proud of, regardless of my family’s heritage.

Since then I’ve been almost non-stop watching North Korean videos and pondering just how the chapter of North Korea’s plight will play out. And in this regard, I’ve found myself in a weird kind of dilemma about how I should feel when watching North Korean videos and seeing people who look just like me suffer to such lengths.

I find the way in which North Koreans, especially those in the intellectual sector speak the language very enjoyable. It’s almost pleasing to my ears and I could listen to it endlessly for hours. In a weird kind of way, after watching so many interviews and videos I can understand their love of structure and uniformity.

So when the defectors or even people interviewed in North Korea speak, I can’t help but feel a great sadness come over me. Not only in the fact that these people could be my own mother or father, but that I’ve never really cared before now.

I feel shameful saying that this ridiculous comedy inspired such thoughts, but I can’t get enough of North Korean coverage. Sitting where I am now I see the incredible suffering that somehow I diminished in my mind, which is unspeakable on so many levels.

Reports of cannibalism and fathers killing their own children strike a note with me unlike any other. Looking at the innocent smiling faces of my own children beaming back at me provide a chilling backdrop when I read or hear about these acts.

And the list goes on and on, from concentration camps to torture and the lack of human rights that many of us take for granted. Seeing this struggle and incredible suffering and yet seeing the noble sacrifice and hard work that goes into every North Korean household both inspires me and shakes me to my core.

Hearing these beautiful speaking voices in my native tongue, cursing the US and blaming them. Listening to stories of kids getting a bowl of rice for their birthday. The child sexual abuse and prostitution that are everyday occurrences, the struggle for food and simple living. It’s almost too much to bear and watch, and yet I can’t tear my eyes away.

Which makes me ponder just how this story could possibly play out. There’s no easy way or solution to this problem and there will be generations of impact from the fallout.

I pray and hope that the North Koreans continue to seek out information and the truth, no matter the price. There’s been signs of cracking in the wall of North Korean propaganda, and it can’t come crumbling down fast enough.

Kim Jung-Un doesn’t look like he’s going to back down anytime soon, and Sony’s reaction to the threats only give this idiot more power. If they want to give in to terrorist attacks, Sony should instead use it’s power and help break down the barriers that shield North Koreans from what’s really happening.

You watch some of these propaganda videos and it’s hilarious comedy. They make Americans all look like we are on heroin and sleep in huts, while fornicating with our pets. To think these educated people actually believe this is truth only makes it that much more ridiculous.

Instead of pulling your movie Sony, help North Korean defectors come to light like the cast of “Now on my way to Meet You” a show comprised of North Korean women.

The least Sony can do after empowering this feeble minded buffon of a “dictator” is help bring more attention to these kind of defectors. North Koreans just like the ones still there, that can help relate, educate and inform the people of North Korea to rise up and take action.

Sony won’t be doing that however, because instead of creative integrity or courage they chose to give in. Yes, it’s just a stupid comedy but it’s one more thing that brings our social focus more on the most backwards country on this planet.

One more bootleg video that maybe could make it over the borders from China to North Korea, that shows them; maybe, just maybe all this bullshit our Leader is pushing isn’t real.

This movie did a good job at poking fun at the state of DPRK, and if nothing else it should be commended for bringing it to the forefront of our conscious, if only for a bit.

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