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Awesome Movie Trailers for Movies That Sucked

Movie trailers can be some of the biggest teases ever, and some of the biggest examples have been recent. Blame technology and everyone sharing something in 140 words or less, but movie trailers and movie hype have never been bigger.

This kind of hype can of course lead to the classic disappointment. Check out some awesome movie trailers for movies that sucked below.

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Awesome Movie Trailers for Movies That Sucked

The words buyer beware have never rang truer than these blockbuster Hollywood movies that teased with promises of an epic, but fell flat on their face in the movie theater. Great movies with great writing and acting that inspire and convey the message while staying enjoyable and entertaining are truly rare in today’s day and age.

Social media has truly transformed the way we enjoy, share and hype movie trailers so it’s no wonder that there were so many movies I could have chose from. But these top ten movie trailers are easily the best part of the movies listed below.

Get ready to have your bubble burst with some awesome movie trailers that were better than the movie.



Apr 20, 2015

I’m going to go ahead and tell you now that Prometheus was not all bad, and that the universe that Ridley Scott created looked absolutely incredible. It’s paced and shot beautifully the right amount suspense and tense moments which gave me the impression of quality and level of production value that teased of greatness but fell utterly short.

This trailer is simply awesome with the terse off-key notes that give the viewer a sense of dread and impending doom, on scenes that look as beautiful as they are horrible.

And then I watched this movie and then watched it again, and again, and still couldn’t come to grasp with all the burning questions I had. Why was this movie such a jumbled mess of a plot?

Why are the characters acting and behaving as though this was some sort of B film instead of this tremendous looking production? It took some digging but after reading about the script and Damon Lindelof’s changes to it, I eventually forgave the film for the many flaws and just learned to enjoy it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of these flaws, as they can completely derail your experience and immersion in the universe so carefully crafted by Ridley Scott. The laundry list of open-ended questions and inconsistent characters presents a puzzle that wants you to think it’s intelligent. Sadly though once you start putting these puzzle pieces together, you are either so lost you run out of bread crumbs or just give up all together.

Why do the geologist and biologist get lost? Especially since the “tracker pups’ belonged to the geologist in the first place? Why is Weyland pretending to be dead? Why is David the worst android at hiding his disdain for humans?

Why does the biologist want to touch a live alien when just a few minutes earlier he ran from a 25,000 year old corpse? These questions are all just a snapshot of the mile long list that the many fans of Ridley Scott and the Alien movie series have.

My main gripe? In a world of humans where space travel is something that appears routine, the “scientists” remove their helmets just a few minutes from landing on a completely foreign planet.

These guys that were trained to go on a two year long space mission with trillions of dollars backing them, and Ridley Scott wants you to believe that removal of the helmets was a believable progression of the plot. Sorry, but that one completely shatters my suspension of disbelief.

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