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Everybody was KUNG FU FIGHTIN!!!!

The words Mitsubishi Evolution and Jackie Chan go hand in hand, if you have watched any of his movies and many of the car scenes. Reblogged from Bob’s Your Uncle, this fresh set of Jackie Chan modifications that are custom tailored for the Evo IV and V. Enjoy!

Testing AEM’s Failsafe on a Turbo D17

The 7th generation of Honda Civics are funny cars that never quite took off in the aftermarket segment. Many changes seperate the 7th version of Honda’s Civic from the previously very popular models, including ditching the double wishbone suspension up front, and the new D17 motor which most tuners never could figure out what to […]

Case Studies – Upgrading injectors in a VQ35

We will be upgrading the injectors on a 350Z drift missle for the upcoming Open Track event, and slapping in a set of 600cc Deatschwerks injectors. These injectors are a direct fit, and as they are customized for each car there is no need to fiddle with inline resistors for those wanting to move from […]

SRT-4 Civic? Say it isn’t so……

Civics are funny cars. Most will garner negative responses from people, the occasional “ricer” or other obligatory insult, usually uttered by those ignorant of Honda’s rich racing tradition or what Honda has done for automotive enthusiasts for the last 2 decades. But they are also some of the coolest machines on the road ( well, […]

Project Fit : Hondata Flash Pro and bolt ons

This 2008 Honda Fit Sport has recently been equipped with the recently released Hondata Flash Pro, and we hit the dyno to try and get a baseline before further mods. Current mods on vehicle : AEM CAI Intake DC sport 4-1 ceramic header Skunk2 60mm cat back exhaust Denso IK-22 plugs and 91 octane pump gas Equipped […]

Project Fit – Hondata’s New Flashpro

Well, it’s been a long time waiting for our 2008 Project Fit Sport, and with dreams of turbo whooshes, we’ve finally received our Hondata FlashPro. Our FlashPro is part number FP-FIT-US-120001, (yep number one baby!) and after our supporting turbo mods, we are ready to install the FlashPro and start tuning! Newest changes to the […]

COTW : Marcus Vick Scouting Report – A look back

In honor of Marcus Vick’s now famous thread of tweets sent out during the first half of the Eagles / Saints game in Week 9, I’ve un-retired an old “Chump of the Week” post about the younger Vick on one of my older blogs I used to run. For those who haven’t seen the tweets […]