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How To Fix Your Cracked Samsung Screen

Smartphones have redefined our culture and society in many ways and through many layers. It’s shaping how we live our lives, spend our time and even teach our children. Manufacturers are pushing the limits and providing new features and advances that are changing our lives. Unfortunately a side effect of having such a device is […]

Maze Runner Review

I’ve got some sort of physical ailment that’s plagued me for a few years now. I can enjoy the cookie cutter movie whose plot inevitably crashes and burns, and Maze Runner is one of them. Much like the Resident Evil series the plot truly goes nowhere, a fact that becomes a disappointing realization towards the end […]

How to: Selecting the perfect wine

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Chris Harris ACL Injury will take Toll on Broncos defense

The Denver Broncos will be heading against Tom Brady’s New England Patriots in the AFC title without Chris Harris. After an MRI it was confirmed on Monday that Harris has a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Last Sunday’s game between Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers in which the Broncos won 24-17, Chris Harris left […]

Madden 25 – A First Look

As many of you know, I love the game of football and I love video games. But while I do love these two things individually, I’ve learned that they shouldn’t always go together. Yes, Im talking about Madden 25 newly released from my favorite corporate swindlers and yours.. EA Sports. But let’s not stand on […]

The Return of the S16?

I’ll admit I was a little more than disappointed when Nissan initially denied any rumor to the S-Chassis returning as a smaller, slimmer version of the 370Z to compete with the Toyobaru twins. Many Nissan fans didn’t like the news that Nissan though of the Juke as a suitable replacement in the subcompact sports car […]

2012 NFCDG – Falcons beat Seahawks?

Finally… the monkey is off the collective backs of Matt Ryan and Mike Smith with a strong win over arguably the hottest team in the NFC in the Seattle Seahawks. As the Falcons prepare for the upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers though, I have more questions about this win than answers. More on […]

How to Choose Your Cam.. Duration, Overlap and more.

Choosing performance cams can often seem like a difficult task for many, considering the many variables that can apply to any one camshaft profile or application. I’ve seen too many cars with the wrong cam profile struggle on the dyno or even worse make their owners struggle with just driving. Before choosing a cam however, […]