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NHL Playoffs 2012 : Raffi Torres to spin the NHL Wheel of Morality

We’ve all seen the signs, the disturbing hits and cheap shots that have seemed to ramp up lately in the NHL. Things that cross the line of competitive fire and balance, into an ugly gray area of dirty play, cheap shots and intent to injure. It’s been a disturbing trend of declining respect among their…

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NHL Playoffs 2012 : Byron Bitz spins the NHL Wheel of Morality!!

Vancouver Canucks right wing Byron Bitz was suspended for two games today for his hard hit along the boards Wednesday night on Kings wing Kyle Clifford. Yes, just 24 hours after their latest disciplinary gaffe, the NHL felt as though there wasn’t enough outrage or backlash to suffice. In order to restore balance to the…

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NHL Playoffs 2012 : Shea Weber not suspended…. Is anyone shocked?

The more things change, the more things stay the same… or at least when it comes to the NHL’s Wheel of Morality. It wasn’t supposed to be like this when Brendan Shanahan took over for the Campbell, he was supposed to bring order to chaos, reason to the ridiculous. Instead, we have more of the…

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