Epoch Universal helps to maintain your competitive advantage through the freedom and flexibility of a secure, scalable, cost effective WLAN Unified Wireless Network.  Epoch Universal implements industry design practices to ensure new or existing wireless infrastructures are optimal and your unique business goals are achieved.

Our wireless solutions includes:

    • BYOD – ‘Bring Your Own Device’ – Multiple Needs and Multiple Devices in the workplace is a current mega-trend which requires a comprehensive architecture to improve overall efficiency and productivity
    • Wireless Security – To ensure the integrity of the Enterprise, a comprehensive layered approach is critical; authentication/authorization, network segregation (physical/virtual), and services/technologies such as wIPS and Cisco ISE/Aruba ClearPass implementations are vital
    • Location Services – Track, manage, and locate devices or items on your wireless infrastructure to ensure visibility and accountability of sensitive items/networks
    • Voice over Wireless – Extend your voice capabilities to locations where running physical cables is either not possible or cost prohibitive


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