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NHL 2012 Lockout : Can the NHL survive?

The sound you hear is the steady marching of feet, at a plodding yet undeniable pace. Many feet shuffling toward the cliff of no return, this 42nd day of the fourth NHL lockout in 20 years.

One of the greatest sports in Northern American history is imploding before our very eyes. Make no mistake, this lockout will permanently damage professional hockey far worse than the debacle of the 2004-2005.

Y’know the first ever professional sports lockout that resulted in an entire season being lost? This lockout has a lot of the same feel to it folks, and it’s looking more and more like a repeat to me.

Today the NHL wiped the month of November out, which means with no collective bargaining agreement, and no plans to resume negotiations, it’s not looking like there’s going to be a season at all.

The owners are blindly following Gary Bettman and playing hardball with the NHLPA, which is a bad omen for hockey fans. They wasted no time once their proposal deadline passed, and they seem dug in for the long haul. The NHLPA attempted to resume talks this weekend, but the NHL would only come to the table if their previous deal was the starting point.

The manner in which the NHL continues to lie about regretful actions, while talking in resolutes and wasting no time in cancelling games makes their words ring hollow and sound disingenuous at best.

“The National Hockey League deeply regrets having to take this action,” deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement.

The translation :

“The National Hockey League deeply regrets having to bother explaining ourselves to you dolts. Shut up and wait until we tell you hockey has returned, rich people are busy making themselves richer.”

While most of the free world hates Gary Bettman ( give it a shot, it’s liberating ) he takes his directions from the owners. The very same rich idiots who signed many players to long term contracts and in the summer demand for a salary rollback.

I’d rather listen to the puppet

“The league officially informed us today that they have withdrawn their latest proposal and have cancelled another slate of regular-season games,” union executive director Donald Fehr said in a statement. “This is deeply disappointing for all hockey fans and everyone who makes their living from hockey, including the players. But it comes as no surprise.”

I hate Donald Fehr, but he couldn’t be more right… or more smug. Fact is the rich are getting richer, but the fans are the ones that suffer. The owners want more salary rollback, and definitely do not want any revenue sharing framework in place.

A shortsighted vision… to be sure.


Could the day come when even the hardest of NHL fans turns it back and walks out the door permanently? The NHLPA also seems intent in sitting back and waiting, as many prominent players seem to be saying.

`We’ll see what happens in the next little while and see where it goes from there.”Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews said.

I’ll tell you what happens from here… the shuffling of feet becomes a run.

A run nobody wins in the end.

NFL 2012 Week 8 Preview – Desperate and Dangerous Eagles Await

Coming off the bye, the Falcons have several question marks surrounding the team from running game to run defense and offensive line. So they figure to be prepared coming into Philadelphia to take on the pesky Eagles.

Problem is, the Eagles are coming off their bye as well, and with a sparkling 13-0 record after the bye since 1999.

Philadelphia has blown 2 consecutive leads in the 4th quarter leading up to the bye, the Eagles have had a lot to address during the bye. Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was fired (thrown under the bus) and replaced by Todd Bowles, who was the secondary coach.

While the Eagles are a uneven 3-3, the Falcons have plenty of work ahead if they want to remain the NFL’s only unbeaten team.

Addressing the leaky run defense is certainly a huge challenge, especially against an explosive runner in LeSean Mccoy.

“I definitely feel refreshed,” All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy said. “It’s a whole week to just relax. I’m feeling better.”

With turnover prone Michael Vick on the hot seat, rain and wind predicted in the forecast, McCoy figures to be a focal point.

The Falcons offense has sputtered in their last 3 meetings, with the offensive line sprining leaks against the Raiders and running game having not shown up all year.

Against a very stingy and talented defense, the Falcons know that they have to keep Matt Ryan clean to keep their chances of winning on the road high.

The Eagles won’t be making wholesale changes or installing a new system, so the Falcons must be ready to adjust on the fly. Tyson Clabo struggled against the Raiders 2 weeks ago, and his job doesn’t get any easier with Jason Babin and Trent Cole looming ahead.

Falcons Offense Video Review from Week 6 vs Raiders

The Eagles defense is ranked 12th in total yards and 11th in points allowed, and Demeco Ryans is making a huge difference for them in the middle. A defense that struggled a year ago at the MIKE position, seems to have found their leader as Ryans is leading them in tackles and making all the plays that a year ago the Eagles seemed to lack.

That’s something that should be familiar to Falcons fans, as the transition from Curtis Lofton to Akeem Dent has been anything but smooth.

Dent has struggled to keep pace at the NFL level, and it’s clear that the young linebacker is just not ready for primetime. The Raiders lack of discipline saved Dent in Week 6, as several penalties wiped out huge gains on the ground and air.

Several of these plays which Dent could not make the play on or got caught up in the wash far too frequently. The Falcons defense is much better in the nickel with Weatherspoon / Stephen Nicolas manning the MIKE, will we see much of the Atlanta base defense?

While the Eagles are not known as a power running team, it will be interesting to see if Nolan is forced out of the nickel and back into the Falcons base defense.

Defensive tackle Corey Peters returned for limited activity in his first practice this season. He is eligible to play this week, but head coach Mike Smith wouldn’t comment on the chances Peters could play after missing the offseason team activities and training camp, plus the first six weeks of the season.

Against the Eagles offense the Falcons will be looking to do one thing, and that’s continue to take the ball away. The Eagles have 17 giveaways, including five inside the red zone, so Asante Samuel and the secondary will be looking to continue this trend.

Despite the sloppy play, the Eagles are still very talented and explosive on offense, ranking 7th in the league in overall offense, but just 30th in scoring.

Samuel will also be making his return to Philly, as the colorful cornerback eluded to in this week’s interview with

The brash cornerback says he still has “nothing but love” for Eagles fans despite getting traded to Atlanta six months ago.

“All y’all fans, all I did for y’all, y’all better cheer for me,” Samuel said. “You know what I mean? Deuce here got nothing but love for you.”

Samuel will be looking to make a statement, but he needs to keep his emotions in check and not bite on a double move.

After all, he intercepted 23 passes in 56 games for the Eagles, but still was dealt to the Falcons for a seventh-round draft pick.

Matt Ryan and company will have their hands full this week, but will suffer their first loss of the season, 24-21. Tony Gonzalez will be aiming for his 100th TD of his career, hopefully it doesn’t come in a loss.

Here’s to hoping I am wrong.

Go Falcons.

NHL Lockout : Can Hockey Survive 2012 Lockout?

Every once and a great while, I question the decision making of sports executives and owners. After all, they are in direct control and primarily responsible for millions upon millions of dollars, they must know what they are doing right??

I’ll have to admit, as much studying, analyzing and detail I like to pretend I have any clue about, in reality these executives know what they are doing and do it with conviction. In this point, I find myself wrong more often than not.

Except when it comes to this man….

The NHL and owners just cancelled their first block of NHL games, meaning yet again the fans of this tremendous sport are robbed over corporate greed. As if the previous lockout didn’t tarnish the NHL enough, the owners seem hell bent on running the sport into the ground.

Worst part of it all? They seem to revel in the fact that they have this power, and the fans will return. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly went so far as to call the cancellation “extremely disappointing”…… Are you freaking serious Billy?

Going to a all you can eat buffet and finding that they don’t have any food is “extremely disappointing”. Jumping the gun and cancelling NHL games without even entertaining the thought of playing the normal schedule while negotiating in the background, is flat out stupid.

The Owners have given little in the way of compromise, steadfastly holding to the drop in player revenue from 57 to 47 percent. Do you think for any second that these people actually REALIZE what they are doing to the game?

Fans will and should be disgusted, players will feel and should feel disgraced and the wonderful sport that still clings to silly things like respect and tradition, may fall by the wayside..

Donald Fehr has publicly stated the players position :

“Nevertheless, the players remain committed to playing hockey while the parties work to reach a deal that is fair for both sides. We hope we will soon have a willing negotiating partner.”

The team owners and the NHLPA continue to do fans and the sport a huge disservice, all while Gary Bettman is sitting back in his office with a smug grin on his face. Why should he care?

It’s only his THIRD lockout under his watch, and while the players and owners wrestle about what part of the pie should be larger Bettman is laughing all the way to the bank.

How far to the bank? Close to the tune of 8 million dollars, that’s how far he’s laughing. That’s more than DOUBLE what it was during the 2004-2005 lockout! And he wants players to take less????

Chris Johnston of The Canadian Press reports the two sides haven’t scheduled a date to meet again it’s not likely they get back together until next week.

I love the sport of hockey to it’s roots and love the NHL. Everyday Gary Bettman is in charge, I love it a little less. I pray that the owners and players will realize the gravity of the situation, and move quickly to resolve this issue before hockey takes the blow that the sport might not be able to rebound from.

Please.. do the right thing. Bring back hockey.

Oh.. and fire this man. Thanks in advance.

NFL Week 5 2012 : Redskins vs Falcons Preview – Griffin vs the Amoeba?

I really can’t help but admire RG3’s season thus far, his natural talent really jumps out at you, as well as his composure and comfort level. In the rookie signalcaller, the Falcons face a stiff test in not only what Griffin can do with his feet, but the league’s leading rushing attack at 175 a game.

I will be watching for his leaping cut, he seems to favor that move and I can’t believe how badly he is making some NFL linebackers miss. Sean Weatherspoon and Stephen Nicholas are going to know what is coming, will they be able to do something about it?

Love that move.

From every report and article you read, not matter how inconsequential the details the rookie’s maturity level and humility are refreshing in this day and age. With a passer rating of 103.2 he is playing extremely well, and limiting his mistakes with only one interception so far.

It’s early but his season looks every bit as impressive as Cam Newton’s was a year ago, but he has yet to face a defensive coordinator like Mike Nolan.

The defense didn’t do much of the “Amoeba” a week ago against Cam Newton, preferring to play their base defense, will they do it against RG3? They’ve also been lights out so far this season, allowing 19.0 points per game and 207.0 passing yards per contest.

The Redskins defense ( and MeAngelo Hall ) sadly won’t have enough against a Falcons offense that is clicking on all cylinders early.

Yes, this image has not been modified, that’s Michael Jenkins catching the football

Last time I saw Deangelo was his brief stint with the Raiders, and the single most boring NFL game I have ever attended considering it was the first time I saw Matt Ryan in real life. I just couldn’t believe the level of football on the field that day, it looked like the Falcons were scrimmaging against high school players.

Without Brian Orakpo and Kerrigan their suspect secondary will be exposed, giving up 326.3 passing yards per game and 20 passes of 20-plus yards – third-most in the NFL.

Julio Jones is still feeling the effects of his lacerated hand, being held relatively quiet the last 2 weeks but he’s going to get healthy against this Redskin secondary.

So the Redskins will have to control the clock with their dynamic running attack and limit their mistakes.

Which could spell trouble for the Falcons who struggled against the run in their base defense against the Panthers. Akeem Dent clearly is not ready to fill the rather large shoes of the departed Curtis Lofton in the middle and it will be interesting to see what Nolan has planned for Griffin and the Redskins.

Given the nature of the “Amoeba” and the chances of giving up a huge running play, the Redskins will be a tough out.

Fellow rookie Alfred Morris and Griffin will have big games, but the Falcons will win in a shootout, 35-27.

Go Falcons.

Sports : Michael Whitlock and Stupidity… A perfect combination

There’s a few times when media pundits, so-called experts, ex-players or coaches say something that really makes them look like idiots. And to be fair, they are human just like you and me and thus prone to making mistakes or saying things that they should never say.

You know what kinds of things I am talking about.. things that shouldn’t be said in public or private, because well.. you aren’t a complete idiot and have a “dumbshit” filter in place to help you not offend your fellow man.

Michael Whitlock however, has no such filter.

Y’know, the same Michael Whitlock who once referred to Jeremy Lin’s manhood as “inch of fury”, attacked Lolo Jones, thinks Eli Manning isn’t elite, or the same idiot who bashes black athletes because he’s black and therefore above the fray as it were.

Stay classy Mike…

While I can appreciate that kind of approach for what it’s worth, ( read : not much Skip Bayless ) there’s a line that you never cross. In crossing this line habitually, Whitlock not only portrays himself as a bigot and racist, but also as someone who doesn’t know what-the-fuck he is talking about when it comes to sports.

I’ve always known Whitlock is an idiot, but after the Falcons win over the Panthers in Week 4, he goes to new extremes to criticize Cam Newton.

Cam Newton was the best player in football on Sunday, but he lost the game for the Panthers with a costly fumble.
Man, was I impressed with Cam against the Falcons. He stood in the pocket and delivered the ball with tremendous poise. He ran at the appropriate times. He rallied the Panthers from a deficit on the road. He was the second coming of John Elway, the greatest player of all time.
And then Newton fumbled on a critical third-down run, forcing Carolina to punt with a little more than a minute to play. You can blame Carolina’s “prevent” defense or Ron Rivera’s decision to punt rather than run Cam on fourth-and-1. You can point to whatever convenient excuse you want. But Newton can’t fumble in that situation. QBs can’t make mistakes in the final two minutes.

Are you effing serious??? He was the second coming of John Elway? lol really? Cam goes 15 of 24 and he’s the second coming of the the greatest player of all time? The greatest player that needed Terrelle Davis to finally win the big one?

Matt Ryan is hurried on multiple occasions, sacked 7 times, puts up 369 passing yards 3 TD’s, leads his team to victory from his own 1 with under a minute left and Newton is the best player on the field? Idiot.

Let me confess now, I personally cannot stand Cam Newton. I think he embodies a whole lot of what is wrong in today’s NFL and sports as a whole. His Superman dance gets old, and he doesn’t seem to care whether or not his team is winning, or down by 20, if he’s in the end zone he is dancing.

But throw a few picks, get frustrated or fall behind, and “Superman” turns into Clark Kent and sits on the bench with a towel over his head and sulks like a crybaby. Face of my franchise? no thanks.

However, there is no denying his talent and raw natural ability as well as huge upside. He has a huge mountain to climb in becoming a true traditional dropback passer, but if he ever does, he could potentially redefine the position.

But to claim that Newton’s fumble lost the game for the Panthers, or discredit the Falcons ensuing drive or saying they should have gone for it on 4th and 1 is pure stupidity. Newton played a great game, and did it in a hostile environment against a team that had been playing very well in all three facets of the game through the first 3 weeks.

Failing to convert the 4th and 1 would have given the Falcons the ball in excellent field position, punting was the right thing to do. Newton gave his team a chance to win, and they should have if not for the shoddy safety play of one Nakamura.

There’s a fine line between watching the game, understanding it, and reading the boxscore. Read the boxscore if you must, but don’t pretend as though you know what the hell you are talking about.

NFL Week 4 : Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler and the F Bomb.

Is Matt Ryan elite?

I’ve argued this point ad nauseum, and almost to the point of trading blows because the term “elite” is thrown about so liberally when it comes to the quarterback position.

The thinking that Ryan is overrated is based largely on the Falcon’s winless record in the postseason, and the fact the offense’s focal point had been Michael Turner for the majority of Ryan’s career.

Last year’s failure only seemed to give the Ryan haters more fuel to heap onto the fire, as the Falcon’s sputtered against the Giants.

Coming into the season, I had lukewarm expectations regarding Dirk Koetter and the supposed improvements to the downfield passing attack that he promised. After all, I’d heard the same thing from Mularkey after the team basically gave up an entire draft for Julio Jones.

With a quarter of the 2012 season in the books, I think it’s clear that the Falcons have successfully transformed their offense with Ryan being the centerpiece.

Against the Carolina Panthers in Week 4, the Falcons struggled to protect Matt Ryan who took a beating from mostly the front four of the Panthers defense.

Newton looked smooth and in charge, playing a largely mistake free game until he fumbled in the 4th quarter, and the Panthers ahead by one point. You always throw out records for divisional games, especially against rivals. And after riding high from the dismantling of the San Diego Chargers in Week 3, the Falcons really took a beating at the hands of their divisional rival for most of this game.

Until of course the fateful drive, where Matt Ryan and the offense took over on their own 1 yard line with less than a minute left in the game.

Visions of 2008, Ryan’s rookie year flashed in my mind, where the then first year quarterback out of Boston College led a comeback against the Bears on a last minute flag route thrown to Michael Jenkins with pressure in Ryan’s face.( still his most memorable Falcons catch )

Ryan marched the Falcons down the field and beat the Panthers 30-28 with 5 seconds remaining. And in doing so Atlanta became the first team since 1981 to start a drive in the last 60 seconds of the fourth quarter inside their own 10-yard line and go on a game-winning drive.

All this after taking seven sacks against a inspired Carolina team that clearly had a chip on their shoulder after being embarrassed on the road by the Giants a week before. The Falcons had allowed just four sacks in 3 games before the Panthers pummeled Ryan.

With the win, the Falcons extend their lead in the NFC South and give themselves another win under their belt before facing the electric RGIII and the Redskins.

Best part of all? Matty “Ice” is showing signs of an attitude, and quite frankly, it’s about damn time. After taking a beating all game, having Cam Newton rush for a score, do the A-town stomp and his signature Superman celebration move, Ryan had just one thing to say to the Panthers and in response to Newton’s dance.

With his 17th career comeback win, Ryan is an early season leader for the MVP race and atop the NFC South with a 4-0 record. He is 12-3 over his last 15, going 329 of 517 (63.6 percent) for 4,037 yards, 7.81 YPA, 33 TD, 8 INT, 102.5 passer rating.

Numbers aside, I love the resilience of this guy and what he brings to the football field. Nobody gives him enough credit, for basically walking into the worst team situation maybe in NFL history, posting a 48-19 overall record.

Only Joe Flacco (44-20) and Dan Marino (41-18) have won as many games as a starter in their first four seasons.

Elite? maybe.. maybe not.. But he’s one quarterback I’m glad is wearing Falcons colors at the end of the day.

Jay Cutler…. Leader?

It’s tough to appreciate Cutler these days, but someone’s got to do it. Being a fan of the ZBS, I found him fascinating during his time in Denver where he put up video game numbers on offense. He’s got a supremely gifted arm, and doesn’t lack in the confidence category when it comes to playing quarterback.

Often times, that very same confidence rubs people the wrong way or makes him look like a total douche when he isn’t playing well.

Which is why I love watching the guy I guess, he puts together a fantastic outing and dazzles with his arm, or throws six picks and comes off looking like a crybaby. There is no middle ground for Jay Cutler, and that’s the beauty of it all.

But he clearly lacks the leadership qualities one desires in a franchise quarterback, from sitting out the fateful playoff game, to the bumping of his offensive linemen, one can seriously question whether or not Cutler has the mental makeup to lead men.

I for one, believe that Cutler is a good quarterback but a bad leader. Which can be okay for a veteran laden team such as the Chicago Bears. But perception can often lead to reality, which is why Cutler should avoid such instances as this on the sideline :

Both Mike Tice and Cutler have dismissed this interaction ( or lack thereof ) but it still cannot bode well for Cutler’s image or his reputation. Now, are we nitpicking here a little? Sure.. but such is life for a NFL QB.

Perception is reality Jay.

Thankfully, the Bears downed the Cowboys in epic fashion, intercepting Tony Romo 5 times and invoking Romo’s inner “Cutler” So much for glory holes huh Jerry Jones?

More F bombery

Tom Brady appears to have said “fuck you, bitches” after a reviewed touchdown play was ruled in favor of New England in Week 4. That or “vacuum switches”..

Goat of Week 4

Has to be Carolina Panthers free safety Haruki Nakamura, who singlehandedly showed the youth of America how NOT to play safety in the NFL.

Nakamura was brought in from Baltimore where he backed up Ed Reed, yes… THE ED REED. How this guy was ever expected to step in for Big Ed, I will never know because he  is flat out bad.

Beaten for a touchdown where he lost track of the ball in flight against Roddy White? okay I will give you a pass there. But the Falcons on their own 1 yard line, you not only do not provide the corner with inside help, but you mistime the jump and allow White to catch a huge bomb on the Falcon’s first play!

LOL… so bad.. might be looking for a new job after Week 5.

Up next? bring on the Redskins and RGIII!

P.S. Cam Newton?

GTFO our house. Thanks.

2012 NHL Free Agency : San Jose Sharks – Coyotes Wild Edition.

According to Pro Hockey Talk, Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan is willing to test the free agent market.

Phoenix brought back Zbynek Michalek back from the Penguins, while youngster Keith Yandle has been dangled in trade talks. On a team short on scoring and long on effort, Doan and fellow veteran Ray Whitney are crucial UFA’s the Coyotes must sign.

But how? with the ownership situation as muddled as ever, and the team in limbo for about 3 years now, it doesn’t look likely that their captain will return.

Between former Sharks CEO Greg Jamison, the watchdog Burbank group and Gary Bettman, it’s more than enough ownership and franchise turmoil for Doan to test the waters.

Why should the Sharks go after Shane Doan? After all, he’s definitely not the fleetest of foot, isn’t a huge finisher and is 35 years of age.

But for anyone who ever watched Shane Doan play, it’s quite clear what he brings to the table… and it’s what the Sharks have needed for years.


Doan has it.. in spades. What he lacks in foot speed, shot velocity or any other measureable, he’s got more than enough in the intangibles category.

A long time captain who is hyper competitive and plays with an angry streak, he is the very definition of a guy you hate to play against, but love to have on your team.

Shane put up 50 points (22 goals, 28 assists) in 79 games last year plus five goals and four assists in the Coyotes’ 16-game playoff run. Doan racked up 205 hits and posted a very solid Fenwick score good for 2nd on his team. He averaged about 20 minutes a game, and he can play on the right side allowing Marleau to play center on the 2nd line.

With the resign of Wingels and Desjardins, and the hopefully soon to be dismissed Torrey Mitchell, Doan fits in nicely on the second or even third line.

He’s also the kind of player that will prevent people from taking liberties with Pavelski, Marleau or Thornton, and will do whatever it takes to win.

Bring him home Doug..

Quick Notes :

The San Jose Sharks were busy yesterday, re-signing a trio of skaters in defenseman Justin Braun, forwards Tommy Wingels and Andrew Desjardins.

Reported by the Sacramento Bee, Justin Braun was re-signed for 3 years, Wingels for two and Desjardins for just one. According to the Bee, San Jose also made qualifying offers to forwards T.J. Galiardi, Tim Kennedy, Brandon Mashinter, Frazer McLaren, Matt Pelech and James Sheppard; defensemen Matt Irwin and Nick Petrecki and goalie Alex Stalock.

The Sharks said goodbye to a handful of forwards in Tony Lucia, James Marcou and Cameron MacIntyre, and goalie Tyson Sexsmith by not offering them a qualifying contract. Another skater left without a chair when the music stops is Benn Ferriero, he of the birthday playoff goal.

Good luck to you Benny.

Go Sharks

San Jose Sharks : Top 3 Reasons why Sharks should pass on JVR

Kevin Kutz from CSN Bay Area recently wrote a piece that hinted at James van Riemsdyk being a good target for the San Jose Sharks, rather than Rick Nash.

We’ve reviewed the potential Rick Nash trade, and the many points as to why we do not need him especially for the price tag (Logan Couture ++++) that Scott Howson seems hell bent on.

Here’s an indepth look at all the possible angles behind the San Jose Sharks acquiring the young winger.

Why the Sharks could get him

I’d like to say I’ll miss this guy… but I’d be lying.

  • Philadelphia’s once stout and deep defense that powered them through the 2010 playoffs seems significantly less deep and stout than it once did.
  • Chris Pronger’s career may be over due to concussion symptoms
  • Kimmo Timonen turns 38 next season
  • Matt Carle looks determined to test the free agent market, where he could command upwards of 5-6 million
  • The Sharks have defenders to spare after signing Brad Stuart, namely Douglas Murray who carries a friendly cap hit ( 2.5 million ) and plays the kind of rough and tumble game the Flyers love to emulate.
  • The free agent pool of defenseman was pretty thin to begin with, but after the Sharks signed Stuart, it’s even thinner.

Why the Sharks won’t be able to get him

  • Ryan Suter is sure to command most of Philly’s attention.
  • Murray has just one year left on his contract after having a rough season a year ago.
  • Do the Sharks really need a winger that produced less than Devin Setoguchi did, all while costing the team more and being more of a defensive liability?

Why the Sharks should NOT get him

  • In three seasons with the Flyers, JVR has 99 points (47g, 52a) in 196 career regular season games.
  • Devin Setoguchi had 82 points (42g, 40a) in 125 career regular season games
  • JVR is young, and does not fit in the team’s “win-now” mode.
  • Van Riemsdyk skated in just 43 games in 2011-12 because of a broken foot, a concussion, a strained oblique and a strained rib, so he ended up with a lackluster 11 goals and 13 assists
  • At 4.25 million a year, he’s expensive for his production from a year ago.

Care to take any guesses at my opinion of Kevin’s recommendation? JVR is not a good fit here in San Jose for the upcoming season, while his youth and promise certainly are attractive, that’s the problem… “promise”

This team needs a proven scorer that will come in and put the puck in the net and eat top six minutes, not a inconsistent, injured young winger.

Did I mention JVR is currently injured and awaiting surgery?

So…. to make a long story short… JVR? I’ll take a pass… Thanks

Go Sharks.