Colin Cowherd is an idiot.

Straight to the point huh? No special tags, no double meanings in that title whatsoever.

Colin Cowherd is an idiot, plain and simple.

Why you ask? well I can name any number of incidents, but his recent NFL power rankings has me wondering if good ‘ol Colin isn’t sniffing bath salts.

According to Cowturd, his rankings are as follows :

1. Giants
2. Bears
3. Patriots
4. Steelers
5. Texans
6. 49ers
7. Falcons
8. Packers

Yes, the Falcons that just dismantled the Eagles on the road, the offense scored on their first six tries, didn’t punt until late in the fourth quarter and the much maligned run defense shut down a “hungry” Eagle offense.

I’ll admit I’ve had my doubts about how good this team is ( being a Falcon fan since 1981 will do that to you ) but after the Eagles game, there cannot be any doubt.

Not saying the Falcons will go undefeated the rest of the way, or will win the Super Bowl or anything ridiculous like that. Just saying that given the small sample size we do have, there cannot be any question who number 1 is.

Anything to the contrary and you are just a biased homer who doesn’t know anything about football.

Speaking of…..

Colin’s reasoning for placing the Falcons so low is that “they did nothing to improve in the offseason” multiple tries by Falcons fans to inform Cowturd that the coaching staff changed the team were hung up on because they were “biased”

Colin states that the Falcons barely beat the Panthers and the Raiders even though the Steelers lost to the Raiders and Bears got dominated by the Panthers before pulling out a miracle win.

Biased much?

I’ve bashed this idiot before, but this one really does take the cake. How he gets paid to write nationally I will never know, but one thing’s for sure.

If you don’t know what you are talking about, pretend you do, and bash anyone who opposes you despite facts or real data, you are an attention whore.

Not that Mike Smith and the Falcons are complaining, I’m sure. The less attention they have the more they like it, and I agree with them wholeheartedly as they prepare for the Dallas Cowboys.

So keep on hating Colin, maybe the 7th best team in the NFL just make you look like the total ass that you are.

Go Falcons

NFL 2012 Week 8 Recap – Falcons Trample Eagles

I previewed this game and thought the Falcons would lose a close and physical battle to suffer their first setback of the NFL season.

After all, an impending hurricane, a dome team on the road with a leaky run defense and facing an coach that was undefeated coming off the bye week, all pointed to an ugly game.

So imagine my surprise when the Falcons rolled up the Eagles and beat them like they stole something in Week 8

Falcons Offense vs Eagles Defense Video Review

While some may laud the Falcons for coming right out and shooting out of the gate, to me this game was an indication as to how far the Falcons have come with new coordinators in place.

New offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter had said in the week leading up to the Eagles game, that they were well prepared for the “wide-9” technique that the Eagles employed.

He wasn’t lying.

The Falcons looked as prepared as I have seen from ANY team on ANY Sunday, and the coaching staff clearly outcoached Andy Reid and company. The Eagles defense looked LOST, and didn’t force a punt until the end of the fourth quarter.

All the adjustments Todd Bowles the new defensive coordinator had planned? Didn’t see much in the way of that at all as the Falcons almost looked like they KNEW what was coming next.

The Snelling screen in the video above that made it 14-0 is a perfect playcall against the Wide 9, by the time the Eagles end had taken 3 steps, the touchdown was all but guaranteed.

What a world of difference that Koetter has made for the Falcons, who according to ESPN, set a new record in screens attempted in one NFL game.

Even when the Falcons weren’t running a screen, the mere threat of one created the first score, as four Eagle defenders rushed to attack Julio Jones, leaving rookie Davis wide open in the end zone.

And when Julio wasn’t burning them on the screen, he was busy running past Nnamdi Asomugha for a crucial TD.

Free releasing a receiver that runs the 40 in 4.3 is bad for your career… mmmkay?

The Falcons run defense came out and did the job against LeSean McCoy but to be honest, after the Julio bomb, Reid didn’t exactly stick with the run. The Falcons held the Eagles to 5 total yards in the first quarter, and did just enough to keep the Eagles at bay.

Matt Ryan was masterful in the performance, torching the Eagles and making them pay for their mental and at times tenative play. But to me, the game ball has to go to the coordinators, who coached circles around the Eagles.

Eagles fans boo their team plenty, but the “fire Andy chants” can’t be a good sign for Philly.

A good sign was the increase in touches for Jacquizz Rodgers, who looks like he is getting comfortable running the ball. He ripped off a huge run late in the game to help put the nails in the coffin for Philadelphia.

Another game, another win, but this team is beginning to look like it’s absolutely for real and their next test is against the Dallas Cowboys.

More film breakdown and analysis coming, stay tuned.

Go Falcons

2012 NFL Film Review – Atlanta Falcons Run Defense Breakdown

I love NFL Game Rewind and the new feature “All-22” which lets fans like me dissect and look at the film that coaches use.

In this writeup, we’ll be looking at the Atlanta Falcons base defense versus the run, in Week 5 and Week 6 of the 2012 NFL Season. The Falcons gave up several big plays on the ground against the Raiders and Redskins, especially in their base defense and with Akeem Dent on the field.

The first play we’ll be looking at is from week 6, a 1ST & 10 @ the Oakland 20 – D.McFadden runs left end to OAK 34 for 14 yards tackled by T.DeCoud.

Akeem Dent the mike linebacker is highlighted here.

The running play is a counter with the guard and fullback ( in motion ) pulling to the weakside of the formation.

You’ll see that Sean Weatherspoon the WILL linebacker overruns the play, losing contain. Akeem Dent the MIKE attempts to attack the gap, but finds himself on the wrong shoulder of the pulling guard, only to be destroyed.

You can see here that Dent is simply overmatched, while DT Peria Jerry nearly gets a hand on the shifty Darren McFadden.

Dent – MIKE ( RED ) Jerry – DT ( BLUE ) Weatherspoon – WILL – (YELLOW )

The second play we’ll be looking at is from the Washington game in week 5. This play is another 1ST & 10 @ Washington 31 – A.Morris runs left end to WAS 47 for 16 yards tackled by T.DeCoud.

A simple stretch pitch play, with Akeem Dent (ILB) highlighted in white. While this may look like a 3-4, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is well known for his expertise in multiple fronts and comfortable in 4-3 or 3-4 looks. John Abraham is simply standing, giving a 3-4 feel to an otherwise offset 4-3 front.

While Stephen Nicholas tries to maintain gap integrity while following the play laterally, Dent shoots the wrong gap and is snuffed out in the wash, providing rookie Alfred Morris with a clear lane.

Annnnnnnnddd…. he’s off.

I’ve written in the Week 8 preview against the Philadelphia Eagles that the run defense must be prepared against LeSean McCoy, or they’ll be giving up huge plays like this all day.

The problem is, after losing Curtis Lofton to free agency the “Akeem Dent in the middle experiment” doesn’t look like it’s quite ready for the big stage. While the Falcons have been getting by with the extra defensive back, the Eagles may come out heavy and force the Falcons into a less desirable formation.

One thing is for sure, the Falcons will have their work cut out for them if they want to stay perfect in the 2012 season.

Go Falcons.

NHL 2012 Lockout : Can the NHL survive?

The sound you hear is the steady marching of feet, at a plodding yet undeniable pace. Many feet shuffling toward the cliff of no return, this 42nd day of the fourth NHL lockout in 20 years.

One of the greatest sports in Northern American history is imploding before our very eyes. Make no mistake, this lockout will permanently damage professional hockey far worse than the debacle of the 2004-2005.

Y’know the first ever professional sports lockout that resulted in an entire season being lost? This lockout has a lot of the same feel to it folks, and it’s looking more and more like a repeat to me.

Today the NHL wiped the month of November out, which means with no collective bargaining agreement, and no plans to resume negotiations, it’s not looking like there’s going to be a season at all.

The owners are blindly following Gary Bettman and playing hardball with the NHLPA, which is a bad omen for hockey fans. They wasted no time once their proposal deadline passed, and they seem dug in for the long haul. The NHLPA attempted to resume talks this weekend, but the NHL would only come to the table if their previous deal was the starting point.

The manner in which the NHL continues to lie about regretful actions, while talking in resolutes and wasting no time in cancelling games makes their words ring hollow and sound disingenuous at best.

“The National Hockey League deeply regrets having to take this action,” deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement.

The translation :

“The National Hockey League deeply regrets having to bother explaining ourselves to you dolts. Shut up and wait until we tell you hockey has returned, rich people are busy making themselves richer.”

While most of the free world hates Gary Bettman ( give it a shot, it’s liberating ) he takes his directions from the owners. The very same rich idiots who signed many players to long term contracts and in the summer demand for a salary rollback.

I’d rather listen to the puppet

“The league officially informed us today that they have withdrawn their latest proposal and have cancelled another slate of regular-season games,” union executive director Donald Fehr said in a statement. “This is deeply disappointing for all hockey fans and everyone who makes their living from hockey, including the players. But it comes as no surprise.”

I hate Donald Fehr, but he couldn’t be more right… or more smug. Fact is the rich are getting richer, but the fans are the ones that suffer. The owners want more salary rollback, and definitely do not want any revenue sharing framework in place.

A shortsighted vision… to be sure.


Could the day come when even the hardest of NHL fans turns it back and walks out the door permanently? The NHLPA also seems intent in sitting back and waiting, as many prominent players seem to be saying.

`We’ll see what happens in the next little while and see where it goes from there.”Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews said.

I’ll tell you what happens from here… the shuffling of feet becomes a run.

A run nobody wins in the end.

NFL 2012 Week 8 Preview – Desperate and Dangerous Eagles Await

Coming off the bye, the Falcons have several question marks surrounding the team from running game to run defense and offensive line. So they figure to be prepared coming into Philadelphia to take on the pesky Eagles.

Problem is, the Eagles are coming off their bye as well, and with a sparkling 13-0 record after the bye since 1999.

Philadelphia has blown 2 consecutive leads in the 4th quarter leading up to the bye, the Eagles have had a lot to address during the bye. Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was fired (thrown under the bus) and replaced by Todd Bowles, who was the secondary coach.

While the Eagles are a uneven 3-3, the Falcons have plenty of work ahead if they want to remain the NFL’s only unbeaten team.

Addressing the leaky run defense is certainly a huge challenge, especially against an explosive runner in LeSean Mccoy.

“I definitely feel refreshed,” All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy said. “It’s a whole week to just relax. I’m feeling better.”

With turnover prone Michael Vick on the hot seat, rain and wind predicted in the forecast, McCoy figures to be a focal point.

The Falcons offense has sputtered in their last 3 meetings, with the offensive line sprining leaks against the Raiders and running game having not shown up all year.

Against a very stingy and talented defense, the Falcons know that they have to keep Matt Ryan clean to keep their chances of winning on the road high.

The Eagles won’t be making wholesale changes or installing a new system, so the Falcons must be ready to adjust on the fly. Tyson Clabo struggled against the Raiders 2 weeks ago, and his job doesn’t get any easier with Jason Babin and Trent Cole looming ahead.

Falcons Offense Video Review from Week 6 vs Raiders

The Eagles defense is ranked 12th in total yards and 11th in points allowed, and Demeco Ryans is making a huge difference for them in the middle. A defense that struggled a year ago at the MIKE position, seems to have found their leader as Ryans is leading them in tackles and making all the plays that a year ago the Eagles seemed to lack.

That’s something that should be familiar to Falcons fans, as the transition from Curtis Lofton to Akeem Dent has been anything but smooth.

Dent has struggled to keep pace at the NFL level, and it’s clear that the young linebacker is just not ready for primetime. The Raiders lack of discipline saved Dent in Week 6, as several penalties wiped out huge gains on the ground and air.

Several of these plays which Dent could not make the play on or got caught up in the wash far too frequently. The Falcons defense is much better in the nickel with Weatherspoon / Stephen Nicolas manning the MIKE, will we see much of the Atlanta base defense?

While the Eagles are not known as a power running team, it will be interesting to see if Nolan is forced out of the nickel and back into the Falcons base defense.

Defensive tackle Corey Peters returned for limited activity in his first practice this season. He is eligible to play this week, but head coach Mike Smith wouldn’t comment on the chances Peters could play after missing the offseason team activities and training camp, plus the first six weeks of the season.

Against the Eagles offense the Falcons will be looking to do one thing, and that’s continue to take the ball away. The Eagles have 17 giveaways, including five inside the red zone, so Asante Samuel and the secondary will be looking to continue this trend.

Despite the sloppy play, the Eagles are still very talented and explosive on offense, ranking 7th in the league in overall offense, but just 30th in scoring.

Samuel will also be making his return to Philly, as the colorful cornerback eluded to in this week’s interview with

The brash cornerback says he still has “nothing but love” for Eagles fans despite getting traded to Atlanta six months ago.

“All y’all fans, all I did for y’all, y’all better cheer for me,” Samuel said. “You know what I mean? Deuce here got nothing but love for you.”

Samuel will be looking to make a statement, but he needs to keep his emotions in check and not bite on a double move.

After all, he intercepted 23 passes in 56 games for the Eagles, but still was dealt to the Falcons for a seventh-round draft pick.

Matt Ryan and company will have their hands full this week, but will suffer their first loss of the season, 24-21. Tony Gonzalez will be aiming for his 100th TD of his career, hopefully it doesn’t come in a loss.

Here’s to hoping I am wrong.

Go Falcons.

Case Studies : Apexi Super AFC Wiring Diagram : How to install a AFC.

While the age of the piggyback computer is slowly coming to an end, many enthusiasts would be remiss to overlook the benefits of adding a piggyback such as the Super AFC to their vehicle for tuning flexibility.

So people have been asking for diagrams and sending questions regarding the APEXi SAFC unit. I have included a scanned image displaying the wiring diagram and how to install steps below :

And here are a few links to previous Case Studies where we install the AFC and tune it.

Installing SAFC into a MKIV Supra

Installing SAFC into a Dodge SRT-4

Tuning SAFC – How to tune your car for dummies

Happy tuning!


Case Studies : Installing a AEM UEGO into a Honda Fit

We’ll be installing a AEM wideband 02 sensor into our 2008 Honda Fit Sport in order to determine a baseline reading before bolting on our turbo kit.


The UEGO part number in question is 30-4100, this unit is an excellent low cost choice for those needing accurate A/F readings, and can provide an optional digital 0-5v output for datalogging or standalone ecus.

In order to get the best possible reading, we’ve got to find the best possible location for our wideband sensor. On this particular Fit, we go with the factory midpipe as the inlet is directly behind the header’s collector.

Read the rest of this article


Project SC : 2JZGTE ECU Wiring into SC300 Guide

To prep the SC for the GTE swap, I’ve sourced a MT GTE ECU and a Aristo ( JDM 2JZGTE ) engine harness. For those doing this swap into a SC300, the wiring is a lot easier than the typical S-Chassis wiring in that many of the vehicle’s functions and wires are the same.

Given the similarities between the SC300 and the MKIV Supra, this is really no surprise, however you will need to lengthen and extend the third plug or body plug as well as rewire.

This body plug disconnects from the sc300 along the firewall, next to the ABS module and near the windshield.

Upon splicing open this harness, you will notice many similarities with your Aristo harness.  The large connector on this harness connects to the SC300 body plug and also the small plug that leads to the ECU.

For ease of wiring installation, we are eliminating the following wires (Traction Control D17,  Pressure sender ( Dummy Light ) D10, and Transmission Shift indicator D1)

Use the following pinout and match the corresponding colors accordingly.

courtesy of not my pic

The Aristo harness and ecu plugs :

For a pin by pin how to, refer to this chart here :

Now with your engine harness properly wired, you may now remove your old SC300 harness and install your GTE ECU and plug it in. Next up, we start yanking weight in preparation of motor swap, as well as installing a new Cometic head gasket, ARP head studs and selecting our turbo setup.

Happy boosting!

Project SC : A New Beginning… Or is it?

I have to admit that moving from the nimble and athletic S14 chassis to a heavy pig like the  Z30 ( or Soarer if you are in Japan ), hasn’t been an easy transition for me.

It’s taken some time, but the comfort of the SC300 and overall finish make for an excellent street car and comfortable cruiser. However the issue of curb weight / power to the wheels is still undeniably present, but nothing a 2JZGTE swap won’t fix.

First however, I’ve got to ditch the belt driven fan assembly, because…. well…. it’s stupid. Not only does it constantly spin and create a drag on the rotating assembly, but its freakishly huge and bulky, taking away precious engine compartment space.

Upgrading to a slimline fan assembly

We’ll be using a Mishimoto fan shroud, and 2 12 inch dual speed fans for A/C connectivity ( California is hot! ) as well as a fan controller for maximum reliability.

This will be replacing this honking huge piece of crap.

For a fan controller, I personally love the Derale lineup of controllers which feature a safety bypass, dual speed control as well as your choice of probes and temp senders.

For this install, I have opted for the push in style of connector for ease of install. Why? well the 2JZGTE is a very high temp motor, and given the turbocharged nature of this motor cooling is of the utmost importance, especially on a daily driver.

However a true 3 core radiator is not in stock currently from Mishimoto or Fluidyne, two of my favorite radiator companies. So for the meantime, we’ll be rocking this push in style sender until our permanent radiator arrives.

This install is berry berry easy sir.

First we crack the 12mm nuts on the fan assembly, while keeping the tensioner tight on the belt itself. There are 4 10 mm bolts that hold the shroud in place, you may or may not need to remove your factory battery to remove the shroud.

Once these have been loosened, then undo the tension by turning the belt tensioner clockwise. Slip the accessory belt over the pulley and then proceed to carefully remove your factory fan and shroud.

Install of the new assembly is very straightforward, outside of a fabricated driver side mount.

After wiring in the ground to the Derale relay, we start up the SC and get it to operating temps very quickly. The slimline fan not only makes the engine bay look more clean and organized, but gives me at least 5 more inches to move and wiggle when the GTE motor is ready to go in.

I also ditched my Stern ST7’s for another set of Stern wheels, this time in 19 inch and ST11. With 19×8.5 in front and a 25 offset with 19×9.5 in rear with a 30 offset gives me a good stance and is cheap enough so that I won’t cry when a rim bends due to California highways.

Not really looking to change much more of the looks about the car until after my motor swap is completed. Lots of work on that front so I’ll be busy no doubt there.

First however, I’ve got to prep the wiring for the GTE swap, which means lots of wires and a lot of cursing. Fun.

Next up : Wiring up the 2JZ engine harness and combining with the SC300 body plug for a true plug and play installation.

Happy boosting!