Tobias Motorsports : Another day, another racecar

I swung by a friend’s shop today, Tobias motorsports, located in Hayward CA. John is one of the more talented fabricators I know, his work is top notch, AND he’s got a pretty epic name! 😉

While grabbing lunch a customer was picking up his dragster, with permission I snapped off some pictures to share with you!

A whole lot of……………rubber!

Halo anyone?

No cupholders??? what the hell!

This is the kind of work you can expect at Tobias, for those of you local or friends of the program, make sure to check John out!

The Source :

Tobias Motorsports


Project SC : A new beginning

Well, maybe not a NEW beginning, but Project 2JZ-240SX has certainly taken a turn as the S14 undergoes surgery, I begin tearing into my new whip, a 92 manual SC300.

The car is monstrously heavy compared to the S14, and with the blown shocks and other Mickey Mouse work done to the SC, it rides like a boat.

Response is dull, steering feedback is lacking, and the car plows into every corner, pushing until the limit, when at long last I can bring the heavy rear end of the car around. Sadly the car doesn’t have enough steering angle to compensate, and the heavy nature of the car makes it difficult to step out as easily as the S14 did.

Compared to the athletic and nimble S14, it’s clear what the SC will become, a nice street car with a 2JZ swap in it. I am considering BAR legality currently, to see if it’s worth the hassle of legalizing the motor upon swapping into my SC.

The paint on the car is in decent shape, the tan interior is very clean, albeit ugly as sin. I make plans on picking up black interior, but first I’ve got to address some issues with the car, such as the headlights not working or the starter working.

Upon further inspection, it seems as though the driver side harness has been chewed up due to be lowered.

It shocks me that to this day, people still aggressively lower their cars down without considering the engine harness.

First, undo the 2 10mm bolts holding the engine harness to the frame, these are located toward the rear of the driver side fender well.

Taking these 2 10mm bolts out will allow you to pull *GENTLY* on the harness and give you enough slack to push the harness up and out of the way. Secure it with zipties or metal loops, I’ve opted for McMaster Carr ground straps.

After I’ve re-run the harness, I take apart the harness to repair the wires that had been run through and damaged. Now wrap up the harness and tuck it away, make sure to give yourself plenty of clearance so that your rims and tires don’t touch the harness ever again.

Next up, I tackle the tan interior of the SC300.

It’s clean.. .but too…….. tan.

You must undo the shift bezel, undo the screws that hold the center console in, and pop out the entire center console panel allowing you access to the radio and climate control mounting bolts.

After undoing those bolts, now remove the climate control and radio as a whole to give you access to the rear screws and dash vents.

I also decided to move over the MOMO Race wheel, because deep dish is so much more nicer and should go into my S14, which is dedicated track only use now.

With the new black panels installed, the car looks much better but the tan seats and carpet are still an eyesore.

Next up, getting rid of the stock seats, carpet, and putting the SC on a diet.

Happy boosting!


Case Studies : Changing an 92 Honda Accord Axle with HERI Axles

While I am still recovering from my crash, that doesn’t stop people from asking for help on their cars! A friend of mine had her axle go out on her 1992 Honda Accord, her CV boot had been torn for quite some time, where else would you buy parts other than Pro Street Online?

I love helping my friends… but MY BACK HURTS!! lol

After a quick call to the guys at Pro Street, they hooked it up with a set of their new HERI Axle lineup. At first I couldn’t believe how great of a deal this axle was! At just 45.99, it was significantly cheaper than remanufactured axles and definitely a high quality axle.

Pics below:

After removing the axle nut on the Accord, we undo the 3 lower bolts to the lower control arm, shown here :

Now, undo the sway bar links and swing the front lower control arm downward and towards the rear of the car.

With this completed, you can now pull the entire axle out, and slide your new HERI axle in!

The HERI axle fit great, and after talking to the guys at Pro Street, we may just try a set of HERI axles on one of our Project cars!

More results to come! Happy boosting!

Project 240SX : Fortune favors the bold.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog here due to this unfortunate accident.


I crashed, I’ve gotten over it but my back hasn’t.

It was only a matter of time I suppose, given the abuse the S14 had been taking at the track. Fortunately, I’m relatively okay and I’m pretty fortunate to have escaped the entire episode without incident.

Moving forward, the car will be rebuilt, better, faster and lighter hopefully in time for next year.

Meanwhile, my focus for the 2JZGTE swap has taken an abrupt turn when I picked up Project SC a week ago. It took me some time to find a 5 speed manual, but I just didn’t want to deal with converting the auto to stick before my 2JZ swap.

Luck would have it, I found a cheap deal on a green 92 in SF. It didn’t take me long to swap over my wheels and rims, after a trip to Treds and some Butchie love.

Up next, the return of the 240SX, but not before some SC300 modding.

Note : The title is borrowed from jsworks, a fellow gearhead, enthusiast, inspiration and overall cool guy.

Check out his work after the jump!

JS Works Fortune Favors the Bold